Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

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Hutner Klarish LLP is a recognized authority in this complex and continually evolving area of the law.

The firm is honored to be the recipient of the Global Law Experts Award for Hedge Fund Formation Law Firm of the Year in New York seven years in a row (2016-2022).


Hedge Fund Alert

Consistently Featured in the Annual List of Large Hedge Fund Law Practices

The Little Firm That Could . . . Surrounded by the towering giant firms in the industry, Hutner Klarish has been consistently selected as the smallest firm in the annual list of Large Hedge Fund Law Practices as published by the Hedge Fund Alert, the industry leading periodical. We would like to congratulate all of our much larger colleagues that made the cut.


Representative funds include:

  • Long / Short
  • Global Macro
  • Risk Arbitrage
  • Vulture
  • Country Specific
  • Sector Specific
  • Real Estate
  • Multi-Manager
  • Quantitative
  • Single Investment or Single Investor

Our hedge fund formation services typically include:

  • Formation of all Entities
  • Preparation of Customized Offering Documents
  • Partnership and LLC Agreements
  • Investment Management Agreements
  • Side Letter Agreements
  • Filing and Update of Form D
  • Subscription Documents
  • Seed Capital and Third Party Marketing Arrangements
  • Service Provider Agreements
  • Investment Advisor Registration or Exemptions
  • Compliance with State Blue Sky Laws

We help clients adopt optimal fund structures and keep them informed of the latest trends in industry practices, regulatory requirements and evolving investor preferences.

We are also experienced in the formation and representation of offshore funds that possess attractive tax attributes for foreign and tax-exempt investors including master/feeder, mini-master and parallel fund structures.

Through our extensive network of contacts in the industry, we facilitate introduction to service providers that will be a good fit in size and scope for our clients, including administrators, prime brokers, auditing firms and marketers.

The quality and completeness of our services cannot be sacrificed. While we do not strive to be the lowest cost provider, our pricing competes compellingly with our peers, especially considering our experience, specialized knowledge, attention to detail and customization of offering documents to fit the particular needs of each client.

Ongoing Representation

In addition to fund launch, we work closely with funds in all facets of their ongoing operation.

Our ongoing hedge fund services include:

  • Periodic update of offering documents to reflect changes in investment strategy, securities industry laws or shifting market terms.
  • Filing of all form 13Ds, 13Gs, 13Fs, Forms 3 and 4.
  • Advice to the Investment Manager regarding registration, compliance, filings, policies and procedures and regulatory examinations.
  • Activist campaigns to stimulate change in portfolio companies.